Thursday, July 15, 2010

Help... I'm going gray!!!!

No not my hair... my Ortmann's! Years ago all Ortmann tires where the much beloved "gray dust" tires. Well the formula had to be changed, and for a time the tires were the "blue dust" tires. They weren't quite as well received. But now, now friends and neighbors it seems the latest Ortmann's or at least the dust you get when you sand the tires is... unmistakeably... GRAY!!!!

Is the compound the same? No, I've had the good fortune to exchange emails with Michael Ortmann himself and according to Mr. Ortmann the compound is not the same. But in some very informal testing I've done this afternoon after the box o' tires I bought arrived directly from him, I can say they sure feel good. I bought tires for the MRRC Porsche 910 and for many of the vintage Carrera 124's. They grip like the Ortmann's of old and they sand easily. I'm very happy to have that old familiar tire back again... even if it's different... maybe. :)

To contact Michael Ortmann and request order forms and order direct:

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