Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Carrera comparison: 1/43 vs. 1/32 cars

Carrera has sent me their “Fast and the Furious” 1/43 Go set. As I was looking at the enclosed cars, I realized that I had the same Carrera cars in 1/32 scale. So off I went to compare the two.
As you look at the 67 Ford Mustangs, the first thing you notice is the 1/43 cars have blackened out windows, and the 1/32 scale cars have fully dressed out interiors. This is also found to be true in the Nissan 350Z’s.
I really only can find few differences between the 1/32 and the 1/43 scale cars. The biggest of the differences is the rear of the 350z’s. The 1/43 is not very well defined and the tail light and wing area seemed forced, and does not flow well.
This is not as true in the 1/43 Mustang it seems to be a very good representation of not only the 1/32 but of the real car. But to be fair, the 67 Mustang is a much easier car to model in any scale.
So what’s the verdict?
Good things do come in small packages, the 1/43 scale cars do look very nice and run very well, and since they run on the 1/32 track could be great cars for the kids to start with.


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At 8:00 PM, Blogger donald said...

thanks buddy, i just bought the 1/32 set of fast and the furious, and cant wait to try it out


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