Sunday, November 04, 2007

New Sloter Zytek & NSR Clio

How would you like a white Sloter Zytek? I understand there's one on the way! I'm not positive but it might be a kit, maybe another effort with MB Slot?

NSR will soon ship out a new Clio Cup Blue (same tampo of "presentation" version blue metallic paint).And there will be another NSR Renault Clio R3 but this will be a clear body kit Clio R3 is rally version of Clio.
The differences are:
- body weight 25grams (instead of 21gr for Clio Cup). And NSR used different plastic to make interior and drivers.
- 2nd driver with book
- anglewinder setup (1223 anglewinder motor support, 3012 King 21400rpm motor, 7113 13t pinion, 6531 31t anglewinder gear)
- longer pickup guide

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