Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Sloting Plus Screwdrivers

From a press release from Sloting Plus:

We are pleased to present you our new screwdrivers with limited torque for hexagonal screws ( Allen ) !
Three colors allow to have three solid and reliable tools for different use taking in account Allen screws measures ( orange for M2, grey for M2.5 or black for M3 ) and three hex bit changes are of course available if necessary !
Photos joined will be more interesting than words....
References are :
SLPL 9105 Hex torque screwdriver for 0.90 M2.0
SLPL 9106 Hex torque screwdriver for 1.27 M2.5
SLPL 9107 Hex torque screwdriver for 1.50 M3.0
SLPL 91051 Hex bit change for 0.90 M2.0
SLPL 91061 Hex bit change for 1.27 M2.5
SLPL 91071 Hex bit change for 1.50 M3.0


Dave said...

Those are such nice tools! It's too bad that they're just a little too much $$. I'm sure they're worth it, but I can't justify it to myself right now.

Vincent said...

I'm sorry to ask this on this article, but I'm looking for a slot car store in Manhattan. I'm gonna be there in two weeks and I'd like to find somewhere to buy some stuff. Anyone can help? Thanks, Vicente