Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Suntrust Dallara from Sideways

SW08 - Dallara DP - Wayne Taylor Racing - Laguna Seca GrandAm 2009 -

All photos by AMAZINGSLOT


Dave said...

what brand is this? who makes it?

DaveKennedy said...

"Sideways" makes these cars. The way I understand it, the brand is a combination of Racer and Slot It. The chassis and running gear are Slot It design and parts and the body is Racer.

The experience of racing these cars is identical to racing a Slot It car. They're fantastic cars and if you don't have a Sideways DP you NEED to buy one... at least one.

Dave said...

Yup I have a couple of these, both Fly and Racers. This is a very pretty livery, very nice. You're right I may HAVE to buy one! LOL