Friday, April 27, 2007

Carrera Digital 132 questions answered

Unless you've looked at the Carrera site recently you may have missed a huge list of answers about the new Digital 132. I've pulled out a few of the Q's & A's but the list on the Carrera site hopefully will answer most questions that users have.

Is it possible to run Digital 132 cars on analogue, i.e. on an Evolution racetrack?
Yes. By pressing the speed controller three times (thumb), Digital 132 cars can be adjusted to analogue operation whilst standing on the Evolution racetrack.

Which parts of an existing PRO-X racetrack need to be replaced to be able to use the Digital 132 technology?

Black Box, lane change sections, cars and Pit Stop Lane (if existing) of Digital 132 need to be replaced.

Is it possible to race 6 adjustable Digital 132 cars on a PRO-X racetrack?
No, it is only possible to run 4 cars. Similar to PRO-X you can only use up to 4 Digital 132 cars being controlled via speed regulators. But it is possible to additionally use 1 Pace Car and 1 Ghost Car. This requires a 3.5 amp PRO-X transformer.

Is it possible to run both PRO-X cars and Digital 132 cars on a Digital 132 racetrack at the same time?
No. It is not possible to run PRO-X cars on a Digital 132 racetrack.

Is it possible to retrofit PRO-X cars to Digital 132?

Yes, if the PRO-X circuit board is replaced by a corresponding Digital 132 circuit board. This requires appropriate soldering skills.

Can cars of other manufacturers be retrofitted to Digital 132?

This is possible when having adequate technical skills. As a matter of course changing any of the components will invalidate your warranty.

Which circuit length does require any additional supply with Digital 132?
Tracks of an entire length of 12 metres and more should be equipped with an additional power supply. Since 2006 the generation of modified U-profile connections between the individual track parts has drastically minimised the power loss. You will get the additional supply cables required from your retailer under item number 20584 (cable length 5m) and item number 20585 (cable length 10m). Under no circumstances you shall connect any further Black Boxes and/or transformers (danger of causing a short circuit!).

When will the new system Digital 132 be launched?
In autumn 2007.


Anonymous said...

Hey thanx Carrera,you have the nicest pieces of race track and all but now,I have to change everything:I own an 90 feet pro-x track.To upgrade to digital 132,lane changes and pit and the rest must be put back in their boxes(or ebay).Do you know how much this is going to cost me...thanx again for using me as a guinea pig....I think I will stay in pro-x,which is a fine product and gives real good adrenaline. to be realistic,it is very hard to find 4 racers so 6 is almost impossible for me with digital 132.Maybe the pro-x cars will cost a bit less.upgrade,upgrade...just like computers.I should have purchased a Ninco digital but the product is not the same quality.really....what is after digital 132:digital 132 1.0,then 1.5,then analog friends laugh at me and I think of my old Eldon track.

Anonymous said...

same here..the advantages of digital 132 in pro-x mode will be the ghost and pace car and refuel.still,was it that hard to be able to race in all modes at the same time...I guess it was.let s wait and see what happens.