Monday, April 23, 2007

New ProSlot slot racing motors

The "MegaMaster" series of
Drag racing motors & components

The new MegaMaster series motors feature our proven DragMaster C-
can with the all-new "Purple Dot - S" series of 6 segment C-can magnets.
The armatures are wound on our state of the art CNC winder featuring
our single strand, series wound, layering technology to create the
ultimate in lower resistance & performance. Step up to the MegaMaster
and re-write your raceway record books!

The MegaMaster is also available with the DragMaster Hemi wound 12
& 20 Armatures

ProSlot New Parts Pricing Guide-Retail
PS-748-12MM MegaMaster GP12 Motor $99.95
PS-748-20MM MegaMaster GP20 Motor $99.95
PS-748-20BBMM MegaMaster GP20 BB Motor $114.95
PS-733MM MegaMaster Topgun Motor $109.00
PS-733BBMM MegaMaster Topgun BB Motor $123.00
PS-718MM MM 6-mag Bushing Set-up $57.00
PS-719MM MM 6-mag Bearing Set-up $77.00
PS-106MM MegaMaster X-12 Armature $39.95
PS-107MM MegaMaster G-20 Armature $42.95
PS-909S MegaMaster 6-Mags (Magnets only) $25.00
PS-748-12S DragMaster X-12 w/6-Mags $90.70
PS-748-20S DragMaster G20 w/6-Mags $90.70
PS-748-20S-BB DragMaster G20 w/6-Mags & B-bearings $104.70
PS-105 Drag Style S16D - .513 OD @ 45 degrees $25.50
PS-739-D “SSA” Sealed MTR. w/Goldust Brushes $49.99

New International 6-Segment Magnets

PS-911 Int 15 Tall, 6-segment Magnets $35.00

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