Friday, April 06, 2007

Electric Replica-The ONLY slot store in Manhattan!

Let's say you're in New York City for vacation or on business and you've got to have a slot car fix, where do you go? Well there's one place you'll feel at home and Bob "Wild Child" Pomann (remember him?) has the answer. Electric Replica is 2 West 46th St. in the Penthouse, just a short walk from Grand Central and Times convient is that! He's specializing in digital slot racing but he's got plenty of analog cars/parts/track to buy too.

I spent some time tonight enjoying the whole digital experience on Bob's Scalextric track and SCX track, which BTW is the same SCX track set up at the NY Toyfair...not the same layout...THE SAME TRACK!

Bob and I and Gustavo Remor (noted Brazilian slotter and founder of the Slot Car Racing Club of New York) seen in the photo with Bob, joined us at Electric Replica as well as Carlo..sorry not pictured. We started on the Scalextric track racing the Vintage F1's that Bob had chipped up. They were cool and lot's of fun run as digital cars. Then we got out the Boxsters and Audi TT's...well it was on then. All four of us were racing (I guess you'd call it that) for some time. I get the appeal of these low-detail cars, they're not just for kids.

We moved to the SCX track and got out the Ferrari 550's and then the Nascar's. I must admit I love the pit feature where you have to drive into the pits and refuel. I enjoyed the idea of having to watch the fuel level and go in to top off the gas before running out. I used the pitstop to my advantage during our Nascar race and won the race after timing my pits just right...sorry Gustavo! Being able to walk back and forth to the different systems you really got to compare what features each system has.

Anyway Bob's store is great because he's got 2 digital tracks set up to try and he's got lots of cars to look at too...did I mention he's the only "slot car only" store in Manhattan? There are a few stores, very few BTW, that have slot cars in New York City. So if you're into slots THIS is the place to go in Manhattan!

So the next time you're in "the city" and you feel that familiar feeling...why not give Bob Pomann a call at the store number 917-229-4333.


Anonymous said...

that is really cool! bob pomann is a genius! it was a pleasure to build his slot car track in the lobby of his recording studios!

Vincent said...

anybody there? I tried to go to the store last March when I was in NYC but couldn't find it. I just found a penthouse with a track but the guy wasn't there. I'm going back to NY next March so if anyone could give me some ideas about slot stores I'll be more than happy!