Monday, April 09, 2007

Exclusive Revell news here on SCNews!

A recent phonecall with Revell was very interesting. They're going to focus on 60's era nascars and maybe 70's era nascars... and ...are you sitting down? CanAm's! So all those who've been waiting for someone to pay attention to this genre, you've gotten what you've been waiting for. This I think will be a very popular move especially with the age demographic of many slotters (ie over 50ish). Which is another thing that was interesting, Revell is aiming products at that demographic, older slotters. I'm going to be 37 on the 13th of this month, and I'm actually one of the younger slot racers I know. Most slotters are from back in the first golden age of slot cars in the 60's...or gasp...even earlier! By going after that age group, I think Revell will have a good deal of success.

And now for the releases that had been previously announced...

Upcoming releases from Revell USA are the David Hobbs IMSA BMW which should be available in June.

Not a Revell photo

Upcoming releases from Revell Germany are another Cortina in August, a BMW "Fruit of Loom" livery due in July, an E-Type Jag (the '63 Sebring winner) due sometime around June or July, and a Uniroyal VW Beetle at the end of year, maybe November.

Thanks to Revell for the news.


Wet Coast Racer said...

Smooth moves by Revell, they should be filling a couple of niches there that needed it!

Congrats on being able to break the news, Dave!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to the Can Am cars and wish they were here now! But please no more MRRC chassis.