Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Muscle Machines diecast announcement

Motorsports Authentics, the leader in the design, promotion, marketing and distribution of licensed motorsports merchandise, will re-launch the Muscle Machines brand in the fourth quarter of 2007 with a special assortment of 1:64 scale street machines. The cars, which will be made available exclusively at Wal-Marts beginning in mid-October, were carefully selected based on their special connectivity to aficionados in the automotive industry.

Developed in 1999 and introduced to the marketplace in 2000, Muscle Machines was formed as a division of Funline Merchandising Company. In September 2003, Funline was acquired by what is now Motorsports Authentics.

“The Muscle Machines brand created the die-cast street machines category when first introduced at the beginning of the decade,” said Mark Dyer, president and CEO of Motorsports Authentics. “Collectors treasure and seek out this unique product offering based on the signature oversized blowers and rear wheels and dramatic paint schemes. Motorsports Authentics’ commitment to this brand is strong and we are excited about re-launching this line and unveiling more new product offerings in 2008.”

Series One will be comprised of 16 different paint schemes and a chase car. A five pack offering will also be available and cars will include classic rides from the 1930s through the 1950s and muscle cars from 1964-1972. Additional Muscle Machines product offerings are in the works for 2008. The new series of cars can be viewed at

The prototype Muscle Machine models include innovative tooling, casting, painting, assembly and packaging. At the height of its popularity, the Muscle Machines line included all categories of cars, monster trucks, motorcycles and military vehicles.

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