Friday, October 19, 2007

Spirit Courage photos-first pix of new chassis!

A brand new chassis design for the Spirit Courage. In an interview with Jose Guerrero today at iHobby in Rosemont Ill., Jose was excited about the innovations that Spirit is showing in the new Courage that will soon be released. The pod has been extended and now the motor pod and the guide holder are the same piece. The motor pod is sprung on both sides and at the guide. Movement on the pod feels excellent.

A completely new formula of plastic is being used for the gear. According to Jose it holds lubricant much better and has much better wear characteristics. Another point with noting is that the mesh feels quite a bit better than older designs. I didn't get to run this prototype but I can honestly say it feels completely different than all previous releases. I had never had a problem with the feel of the mesh of the gears (aside from them feeling a bit too tight) but this car feels amazing...smooth as silk gear mesh.
The SX03 motor has been improved. I'm not sure of the new designation for the motor but Jose said it has better braking and the same rpm and torque.

There happened to be a Magnet Marshall at the booth I was near at the time of the interview so we got a chance to weigh the amazingly light 15 grams!

The new Pirelli car will be followed by a Gulf livery and a Kumho livery.

More thoughts on this car a bit later...but you've seen these pictures here first!

Dave Kennedy
Publisher, Slot Car News


Smokeio said...

Dave, This looks like an interesting car. Motor pod and guide are one piece. I think this is a first in modern day slot cars? It will be interesting to see how the car handles. Can we get the factory to supply one of these for a proxy race?

Robert Livingston said...

TSRF cars have the motor pod carrying the guide. But this Spirit seems to have the guide and the front axle on the pod, meaning the entire chassis is a suing;re piece. The outer pan is sprung, but is only a body mount. In other words, it is a normal car with a sprung body.

Robert Livingston said...

I meant to say "the entire chassis is a single piece". Misprint.

Anonymous said...

More pictures and review from Slot-land... (oct. 15th)