Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Slot Car Corner Controller Hookup Panel

Slot Car Corner makes lots of interesting things for slot cars, and one of them is this bulletproof, prefabricated driver's hookup panel:The panel is installed on a single-driver stand, for a recent proxy series of time trials on a one lane track. The blue panel has three brass bolts for controller alligator clips, and has a pre-wired terminal block, attached to the front leg of the stand.

A closeup of the panel shows a reversing switch for track polarity, and an XLR controller connector, wired in parallel with the three brass bolts:
The panel kit includes a paper template to lay out the hole needed in your fascia board. Husky bolts, nuts, and washers to hold the panel to the fascia are included. There is also a clear diagram of the terminal block to show where to hook up the negative and positive wires from your power supply, and the two leads that go to the track:
The wiring of the XLR socket, alligator clip bolts, reversing switch, and terminal block is all done for you. Wiring is sufficient for multi-amp service. Overload protectors (yellow squares) are on the terminal block:
This unit is fool proof, bullet proof, and only takes a few minutes to install. I usually find wiring a chore, but the Slot Car Corner controller hookup panel made wiring the one lane proxy track a pleasure. The panels are available with brake adjuster potentiometers, and in four different colors, too.


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Anonymous said...

I agree, great stuff, great service and easy to follow instructions from Slot Car Corner. I have the same setup.