Friday, July 27, 2007

Canadian Proxy Race...details and links

CPR HQ, Toronto, Ontario

DrVanski Racing has concluded talks with some of Canada's premier slot racing facilities and is pleased to announce the official 2008 Canadian Proxy Race (CPR) schedule.

* January - Ferrari 1950's The Autodrome - Oakville, Ontario
* February - Super Rat's The 'Ring - Mississauga, Ontario
* March - Cgingras' Circuit du Grand Rocher II - Quebec City, Quebec
* April - TR3's Bent Birch Raceway - Montreal, Quebec
* May - Slotbutton's Suzuka West - Victoria, British Columbia
* June - Oldslotracer's Targa Florio - Vancouver, British Columbia
* July - Double Naught's Idle Time Raceway - Edmonton, Alberta
* August - Giddyup's Tanglewood - Calgary, Alberta
* September - DrVanski's AVUS - Toronto, Ontario

With three seperate classes racing at nine different venues across Canada, the CPR has the potential to offer up some proxy slot racing action virtually every other weekend in 2008 from January until September. For detailed track information, be sure to download the official CPR 2008 Track Details here. Don't forget to browse the CPR 2008 track gallery here.

DrVanski Racing would like to thank the track hosts for opening their raceways and assembling their best drivers for what should be one of the most exciting proxy races of the 2008 season. We would also like to thank Slot Car News for sponsoring the CPR GTU class and providing the CPR with their comprehensive motor list for reference. A hearty round of thanks as well to the builders who so quickly swelled the ranks of pre-registered entries.

Look for an announcement soon regarding the official entry procedure, and the adjudication panel for the CPR Concours d'Elegance which may include a surprise celebrity judge.

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