Wednesday, July 04, 2007

SCX/Sloter collaboration

This is similar to Sloter's recent statement but I just got this from SCX so I thought I'd pass it along.

"SCX® and Sloter have signed an agreement under the first stage of which Sloter will be supplying SCX® the digital system technology in its new models. The first Digital car from Sloter will be the renowned Lola T280 of 1972, featuring the logo of the Banco Intercontinental Português.

In its second stage, this alliance will enable SCX® and Sloter to develop an extensive joint catalogue of cars which will include the models most eagerly awaited by slot racing enthusiasts.

Adapting Sloter cars to SCX® digital technology means developing a new chassis featuring the electronic chip and the mechanisms needed to make the lane changes that characterise the system. This will make new models available to slot racing enthusiasts for overtaking and “boxing in” their opponents at top speed.

The firm Sloter Minimodels was set up in 2005 by slot racing enthusiasts and trade professionals. As enthusiasts they began their career in the 60's by competing in and organising rallies and endurance races. They were also in charge of organising the national SCX® championships in Spain from 1986 to 1992. Professionally, the members of Sloter Minimodels boast experience built up in senior positions in the top slot racing firms.

In 2003, SCX® revolutionised the market with the launch of SCX® the digital system. This technology features an electronic chip which enables drivers to change lanes, with up to six cars competing at once on a single track and customising each car's driving style by setting the braking power and the amount of fuel available, with constant monitoring of information about the car. With SCX® the digital system strategy counts for as much as driving skill in getting to the top spot on the winner's podium."

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