Monday, July 30, 2007

Carrera E200 "E500" Motor Tested

Here is a brand new Carrera E200 motor, factory fresh, as shipped to Wings'n'Wheels Hobbies in Clinton, CT, USA. But, it is clearly printed "E500" on the motor. Is this a new type of motor?

A quick test at 12.00 volts on the tachometer block shows an average of 19,320 RPM, after a 5 minute run up to operating temperature. The tach shines a red light on the spinning black disc, and is actually seeing, and counting, how many times a small piece of reflective tape passes through the light beam.

Since many E200's have been measured at 18k to 21k RPM on test, it looks like this is a run of the mill E200, in spite of the "E500" printed on the case. Must be a factory mis-print, not a new type of motor.

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