Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rumor control from Ninco Bob...

I received the following text today from Ninco Bob...

"Gentlemen, Gentlemen, Gentlemen...... the rumors and misconceptions are already beginning to fly........
The winners of the regionals will have a guaranteed reservation for the National, if they choose to race in the National (.... not everyone did last year)
The National is open to anyone! These are not races solely for people who hang out on SCI, or HRW or any of the other online forums. There could be guys or ladies out there who don't hang out online who can outdrive everyone! Remember, there can only be a limited number of entrants at the National (number not decided at this time).
Here's some preliminary items to think about:

1. Probably about 8 or 9 regional race locations around the country..... (Canadians can enter the regionals and National race).
2. Although dates/places are not finalized, the rules will be pretty much the same as last year.... , individual races, with the winners of the regionals having a guaranteed spot in the National Race to determine who goes to the World cup in Germany....
3. Podium finishers to get trophies & prizes.
4. Cars will be the 50428 Mosler Gulf, 50442 Daytona and Mosler Club Car, 50459 Toyota Supra Castrol, both new Ascari's (50458 & 50444) (and Ascari Club Car if available), both Ferrari 360 Kits (50408/9) Ferrari F-50 Kit (50415) and the Porsche 997's (50445/6 not yet released).
5. Only NINCO parts made for that car are allowed, (either stock or ProRace).....
6. Cars will race with No magnet, NC-6 motor, Shore A25 rear tires.
7. Painting the outside of the body is allowed
8. The body & chassis must be as issued by NINCO; no lightening or trimming or adding weight
9. The motor cannot be "glued" in a manner that adds strength or minimizes flex of the chassis... (i.e. running a bead of hot glue down the sides of the motor can that effectively makes the motor a part of the chassis)
10. All wings, mirrors, windows etc., must be in place at the race start.
11. Tires may be profiled but be recognizable as original NINCO tires.
12. No chemicals of any kind can be used on the tires.
13. Racers can only work on their cars, (i.e.) clean braids, change tires during "green" periods.
14. Endurance race lengths to be determined by the store/track owner, Shore A25 rear tires/NC-6 motors must be purchased/handed out to drivers by store owner,
15. Entry fees to be determined by store owner.
16. The National Race to determine who goes to Germany will be at the (just opened) JD Model Raceways, Glen Bernie, Maryland (date to be announced).
17. The World Cup is in Stuttgart, Germany, November 17/18.
18. IMPORTANT: Financial support by MRC & JD Model Raceways for the TEAM USA MEMBERS' transportation to Germany & accommodation in Germany has not yet been determined!!
19. A word to the wise: The passport offices are swamped... if you even have a remote interest in possibly racing at the National to be able to go to Germany, don't wait to get a passport... do it now!!
20. Have a nice day."


Thanks to Bob for answering many questions people might have about the upcoming Ninco World Cup.

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