Wednesday, August 20, 2008

NINCO World Cup - Houston Regional SEPT 6th

Yes, its time for the 2008 NINCO World Cup Regional Race in HOUSTON!
For the 3rd year in a row, the race is being hosted by Scale Auto Racing, Inc. of Cypress, TX. and the Houston Scale Auto Racing Club (HSARC).

The race will be held on SATURDAY, Sept 6th starting at 11:00am.

Rules are posted on WWW.HSARC.NET in the left navigation column by clicking on "2008 NINCO Regional".

REGISTRATION WILL BE ONLINE ONLY it will not be handled in the shop.

To Register for the NINCO Regional Race in Houston, you will need to consult the Race Grid on the bottom of the page by clicking the "2008 NINCO Regional" in the left navigation of the site.

ONLY CONFIRMED and PAID Registrations will be listed on that grid.

GRID Reservations will be done on a 1st come, 1st served basis.

You REGISTER by doing the following:
2. In that email, you will need to include the following:
* Your Name
* Your Phone Number
* Your 1st Choice of Time Slot
* Your 2nd Choice of Time Slot

**NOTE : If you are registering more than 1 racer, include that information for EACH racer.

From of your phone number and/or email address, you will be contacted for Payment Information (PayPal or Credit Card)
Once confirmed, you will be added to the grid, and it will be updated

The race fee information is as follows:
* You can race as many times as you like, permitted that there are race slots available in the grid.
* Each RacePack includes your entry fee, A25 rear tires and a motor draw.
* Fees below are PER RACER (if registering more than 1 driver)
RacePack Pricing is as follows:
1 flight: $25 (1 race fee & 1 pair of A25 tires)
2 flights $30 (2 race fees & 1 pair of A25 tires)
3 flights $35 (3 race fees & 2 pairs of A25 tires)
4 flights $40 (4 race fees & 2 pairs of A25 tires)
5 flights $45 (5 race fees & 3 pairs of A25 tires)
6 flights $50 (6 race fees & 3 pair of A25 tires)

NOTE: This does NOT include your required NINCO car!

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