Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Paul Newman takes final laps on Lime Rock?

We received this e-mail from Bart Brown of Wings'n'Wheels Hobbies, Clinton CT, USA. He forwarded it. We do not know the writer.

"Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Lime Rock Park was closed down for an hour and
half today to honor Paul Newman. He was attended
by his family, close friends, Skip Barber, mechanics
on his race team, and those who happened to be at
the track. PLN toured the track in his Corvette race
car with his Buick V8 powered Volvo station wagon
following. He had come to say goodbye. Diagnosed
with terminal cancer he is not expected to live beyond
September. Race driver, actor, humanitarian, family
man and friend, they did not come any better."


Anonymous said... eyes are filled with tears.....

Alexandra said...

I am not so sure I believe this. No writer. Unlikely story,as I don't think this is Paul Newmans style. Mmmmm......

Sherry Ferrari said...

...Of course it's TRUE!!!