Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two New Scaleauto Motors

Scaleauto, a division of MRRC, has brought us a pair of dark blue motors, both rated 20,000 RPM/12v. The S-Can (type FC-130) is rated 170 gcm stall torque at 12v, and the long can (type FK-180) is rated 260 gcm torque. Both motors have ball bearings, which provide minimal friction, while eliminating motor shaft endplay. Small bits of blue epoxy on the armatures show the motors were balanced at the factory.

No-load RPM testing with a tachometer showed that two samples of the FC-130 (the standard sized motor for most slot cars) revved to 23,147 RPM/12v, and 24,351 RPM/12v. This is significantly faster than the motors' rating. Torque of the slower motor was measured with an arm secured to the shaft, pushing down on a scale. Nine readings around a single rotation were measured, with an average reading that equates to 151 gcm/12v. This falls a little short of the claimed torque. When the power is computed using half the torque and half the RPM, we find a maximum of 8.74 Watts at the power peak (in the torque and RPM mid range). This is nearly the same as the Slot.It orange endbell, 21.5k rated motor that is standard in Slot.It cars (which testing shows performance around 23k RPM, and about 9-10 Watts). So, this motor will be a big upgrade for cars with standard Scalextric, Fly, or Carrera motors, and may compete with the best and fastest on many small and medium home tracks.

One sample of the long can was tested next. No-load RPM was 21,669 RPM/12v, and torque was 294 gcm (claimed RPM is 20k, and torque is 260 gcm). Based on these key findings, mid-range output wattage computes to a maximum of 15.93 Watts. This compares favorably to 21k and 25k NSR Kings, and the Slot.It Boxer 2 (which recent testing of one example showed slightly under the claimed torque value).

The case is painted in a rich shade of dark blue, possibly as nice to look at as the famous red cans sold by Scaleauto.

Thanks to MRRC for generously supplying Slot Car News with samples to test.

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steve said...

I have used these motors on a medium sized wood track (60ft) in a Slot It McLaren A/W and a Ninco Megane and they perform very well against the slotit orange endbell and the boxer 2. They are very smooth and easy to drive quickly. Good value for the money.