Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Man Porsche-diecast photo tour

The new HPI Racing 1/43 New Man Posche 956 Group C diecast is just a great little model. When I first looked at the car in the presentation box I was struck by the motor detail. I wasn't expecting that the motor would have such a high level of detail. Not only are the tiny little parts perfectly modeled, but the painting just put this car over the top for me.

The car is modeled after the 1984 LeMans car in a brilliant yellow, black, and white paint scheme. The presentation of the car is very eye catching, in the box the car comes with the rear deck removed to show all that lucious detail in the rear end.

Thanks to HPI for sending the car to us (ok to Frank who sent it to me) to review. I know this is a short piece...but I can't focus on writing with this car sitting here next to me...


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