Sunday, September 09, 2007

New Slim Cans-BWA's latest motors!

BWA is in the process of bringing some new motors to the slot car market. These are "slim cans" in two lengths, FF-050 as used in Scalextric F1 cars, and a short FF-030 version. The short can allows a full interior inside a 1960's era F1 body.

RPM of the new motors is in the 14k at 12 volt range, in the NC-1 performance bracket, which will be of interest to magnet-free scale racers. Many feel that the Scalextric 20k and upward RPM range of the available slim cans is just too high. These new BWA motors fill a gap.

Slot Car News tests of the two prototype-sample motors in the photo resulted in average RPM (no load at 12 volts) of 14,702 for the FF-050, and 13,813 for the FF-030. BWA reports the torque is quoted by the motor manufacturer to be 70 gcm for the longer motor, and 28 gcm for the shorter, at 12 volts. Torque of the short motor may be increased before production commences.

BWA also produces brass rear axle and front axle/guide mounts. The rear brackets have holes for attachment to the rear face of the motor cases, with 2mm screws. The front brackets have two sets of axle holes, for long and short guide lead.

Both motors, and the brass bracketry, are welcome additions to the slot car world. A big thank-you to Al of BWA for the samples.

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