Wednesday, September 26, 2007

SLOT MINIAUTO #36-October issue


The magazine Slot MiniAuto of the month of October, presents in its cover the new car of subscription, the Emilio de Villota McLaren M23. A number of Slot MiniAuto filled with tests, new features and primacies. The new Power Slot Hummer H1, and the Ninco’s Schlesser Ford among them. The tests of the Superslot’s Ferrari 375F1, Mini Cooper and Range Rover, next to the Porsche 911 (997) GT-N of Ninco and Ford Puma of MiniRéplicas complete scale 1:32 whereas the new Peugeot 307 WRC of Avant Slot and Talbot Lago of MMK share the 1:24 section.
The competition, in addition to the habitual section Sport Slot, includes a track test of the Audi R10 Racing-Avant Slot and an interesting article of how preparing the next Spanish Slot Championship in november.
New features, the news, - with images of the Sloter Opel Ascona 400 - and other habitual sections complete this edition of Slot MiniAuto.


La revista Slot MiniAuto del mes de Octubre, presenta en su portada el nuevo coche de suscripción, el McLaren M23 de Emilio de Villota. Un número de Slot MiniAuto repleto de pruebas, de novedades y primicias. El Hummer H1 de Power Slot y el Schlesser Ford de Ninco entre ellos. Las pruebas del Ferrari 375F1, Mini Cooper y Range Rover de Superslot, junto a la del Porsche 911 (997) GT-N de Ninco y el Ford Puma de MiniRéplicas completan la escala 1/32 mientras que el nuevo Peugeot 307 WRC de Avant Slot y el Talbot Lago de MMK comparten la sección de 1/24.
La competición, además de la sección habitual Slot Sport, incluye una toma de contacto del Audi R10 Racing de Avant Slot y un interesante artículo de cómo preparar el Campeonato de España.
Se publica también la lista definitiva de pilotos candidatos a la elección de pilotos del año y la web donde ejercer el voto. Novedades, noticias, -con imágenes del nuevo Opel Ascona de Sloter- y demás secciones habituales completan esta edición de Slot MiniAuto.


Marcus said...

I am confused. Is this a custom re-livery of the Scalextric (Superslot) M23's?

Dave said...

almost wish i understood spanish, is there an english version of the mag?


DaveKennedy said...

Hello Gentlemen, yes I believe this is a special car that Slot MiniAuto has done with the Superslot (Scalextric UK) slot car.

And I don't think this magazine is available in english.


Anonymous said...

The Slot MiniAuto monthly Magazine is only available in spanish.
This McLaren M23B, is a special and limited edition only for the magazine susribers made specially by Scalextric Hornby (Superslot in Spain). This car is included in a yearly offer to the new suscribers.
If you want more info:
Albert Boet
Slot Miniauto

Anonymous said...

I can't read spanish. Is there anyway those of us in America have a special link in english hat we might be able to utilize for subscriptions?
Any American slot stores on line selling this mag?