Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2 years of Slot Car News

May 19th was the anniversary of Slot Car News. In the two years that I've published the site I've had the pleasure to round up news from every company and publish it here. Over that time over 510,000 viewers have seen news from these companies. This site gets about 1000 hits a day and I hope that Slot Car News can continue to show news from every company that will send the news to be seen.

I never thought that 2 years into it that I would have been still blogging away, daily about slot cars... it's really been great!

Dave Kennedy
Publisher, Slot Car News


Volker said...

Hi Dave !
Congrats to 2 years of Slot Car News and best wishes for many more !
While I just came to the hobby 6 months ago, you site was one of the first I found via google.
Spent several nights diggin' through your archive !
Cheers mate !

Anonymous said...

congrats, i click it every day!!

Klaus from Germany

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, and more more more... years.

Shelby Modelismo

dv said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Dave. Thanks for your fine effort!


Johnny Lugnuts

Hugo Figueiredo said...

As long as it depends on me checking SlotCarNews every day, it will celebrate many more "birthdays" :)

Congratulations on both the anniversary and the great job you are doing... keep it going ;)


Rick Jessop said...

I look to your site ,more times than not you have the information out before my suppliers know . your the goto guy

JeeWee said...

I am one of these daily hits...
Go on with the good work!


HaCo said...

This is a great site, keep it up!!!