Friday, May 09, 2008

Ninco World Cup announcements

I got this email from Ninco Bob Lewen:


It's time again to think about this years NINCO Regional Races, the National race to select the three-man, Team USA to go to England this year and compete in the NINCO World Cup, at the end of October. (see the MRC website for last years racing)
MRC furnished the transportation and lodgings for the three people to go to Europe.
JD Model Raceways generously provided funds to assist with this very large expense.

Last year we held eight races around the country and the National race was at JD Model Raceways, in Glen Bernie, Maryland at the end of October.
This year, we will try to set a date for our National Race to Select Team USA, early in October.

This year, we are planning to hold more than eight regional races. The endurance races are held on your store tracks, under fairly strict NINCO rules, with only specified NINCO cars and parts being allowed. These are no-magnet races, and the racers must buy the specified NC-6 motor and rear tires from you, at the time of the race. You can of course charge an entry fee. We would expect you to be able to have about 20 or more participants at your location.
We (MRC) will provide the trophies and possibly prizes as well. The winners of your Regional race are guaranteed entrance to the National race, if they wish to travel to the National race (at this time, no location has been selected). They will have to travel at their own expense and will have to pay any entrance fee established for the National race. Last year's National race for team selection took 2 days.

Your store has to be a regular MRC account purchasing NINCO products. Your store track should be at least 4-lane, (NINCO if possible, but not necessary). The rules (to be provided) are expected to be followed "to the letter", with you as track owner having the final "say" if questions should arise on your race day.

Naturally, we expect to receive many requests to hold races at shops/tracks that have not participated in the past.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate everyone, but will reluctantly have to say "sorry" to many requests. If you wish to be included for selection, please, please do not take being "turned down" as something personal.......maybe next year.

If you want any additional information or have questions and want to talk about it, just call me!!

Best regards,

Bob Lewen
Marketing Director
National Accounts Manager

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