Monday, May 12, 2008

BWA New Product News

I had the pleasure of visiting Al Penrose at his BWA batcave last week. I was there picking up some wheels and inserts for a few CPR 2009 builds I have on the go. While I was there, Al filled me in on some new products he was developing.

One of the projects on his workbench is a small CNC machined adjustable chassis. The prototype I saw was a 2 piece design with an adjustable wheelbase. There is a cutout near the rear axle for inline configuration motors. So how small is the prototype? Small enough to fit under Al's TR4 (#3 in the photo) club racing car. Al is also developing a 13" scale wheel which is good news for guys who like to build and race models of these small British roadsters. Aside from all my wheeels and inserts, Al was kind enough to send me home with his Fly Lola T70 test mule. This car is powered by a factory sample of his new S-can motor. Look for a track test soon here on Slot Car News.

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Anonymous said...

That's great news since I'm working on the same car. However, the TR4 DID have 15" wheels. That's what I'm using now (BWAs, in fact).