Monday, May 26, 2008

A small routed track for sale in LA area

A member on SCI is selling his small routed wood track. I thought I'd make a posting about it since it's such a nice little track. Please note this is not my track for sale and I'm not the one selling it. Contact Bill at the email address below to buy the track.

I've built a couple permanent plastic track with scenery, and I wanted to try a routed track (see construction blog on SCI). So, I built this 2'x 10' routed track, and it's now complete, but I need to find it a new home before I move on to my next project (a single lane hill climb). I was planning to put it up on Ebay, but I thought I'd offer it first here.
Two lanes, about 25 feet long, 2'x10'. Uses Ninco electrical for the track so it'll run in either direction at the flick of a switch. Includes the two Ninco controllers and the 14.8V Ninco transformer. It's routed and copper taped (so no magnetic attraction). No cars or accessories. Runs nicely (see the video). Small footprint fits nicely in the corner/back of a room. The track is constructed from two tables, 2'x5' each, that bolt and clamp together to make the 2'x10' table, which fits nicely onto the wall of a room. The legs are 24" and are removable (i.e., they screw in). It's a nice height for sitting down and racing.

$300, Local pickup (Los Angeles). Paypal accepted. Because it disassembles into two 2'x5' pieces, it should be relatively easy to transport locally, but it doesn't make much sense to ship it.


Bill said...

Thanks Dave. I appreciate your support for my work. I really enjoy building tracks, and I benefit so much from the support of the slot car community.

Bill said...

The track is now sold to a Slot Car News reader. Thanks, Bill