Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sideways Daytona Prototype review

Written by Harry Wise of Home Racing World:

Once again I am late to a slot car party. No excuses really, just with everything coming in our hobby it is very difficult to keep up. I have wanted to try one of these models for quite awhile now and for good reasons. First and foremost is the feedback I read from our forum members. It appeared RACER has really hit a home run with this series of models. With one of the latest in my hands it was time to see what this model is all about.

It arrived safe and sound from BRS Hobbies and my first impressions were very favorable. I am no expert on the 1:1 series of these cars, with only recently starting to follow them. I will say that according to photos found across our internet it appears they have done an excellent job recreating it in 1/32nd scale.

Hopefully the photos you have already seen and the ones here help you appreciate this model. To my eyes this model is simply fantastic. The level of detail is enough to satisfy even the hard core enthusiast.

Visible engine detail right down to the Ford markings with the roll bar thrown in really draws you in closer.

Read the full review at this link on Home Racing World.

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