Sunday, October 15, 2006

Be Challenged... the GPR-P Porsche Challenge!

DrVanski Racing™ is donating a Fly 10th. Anniversary Gulf Porsche 917 to the prize haul.

The car is to be awarded to the Porsche Prototype finishing in the highest position in the GPR-P class.

It'll be tough keeping my mitts off this car over the next year. She's a beauty.

This car is an icon of the GPR prototype racing era that is much admired here at DrVanski Racing™.

May the best Porsche GPR-P car win! (insert Smeagol voice: "My precioussss...)

To my slot-buddies on SCI: Eric, Terry, Brad, and any other Porsche builders... ...consider yourself Challenged! The DrVanski Racing™ Martini Porsche 936 is gonna bring it to YOU in the GPR-P Porsche Challenge.

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