Friday, October 27, 2006

Scalextric BAR Honda

Honda first entered F1 racing in 1963, but would periodically leave and re-enter the sport throughout the years, as both a constructor and an engine supplier. In 2004 Honda purchased 45% of the BAR team from British American Tobacco. The purchase came on the heels of BAR's best season, a second place finish in the constructors standings in 2004. In September 2005 Honda purchased the remaining 55% of BAR, racing under the name Honda Racing F1 Team for the 2006 season. In the 2006 season Jenson Button claimed his first victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix (pictured below).

The Scalextric model

Long awaited by Scalextric fans of Jenson Button the F1 car will be an instant hit with race fans too. The detailed car includes a detachable nose cone and detailed driver helmet. The car is fitted with the ultra fast FF motor.
Scalextric are the only manufacturer to produce this car. High build-quality specification with equal high performance straight out of the box. Huge demand from fans and collectors for Jenson Button car.
High detail. Magnatraction and quick change braid plate. Digital ready chassis. Detailed driver helmet and super quick performance.

Dimensions & Configuration
Car: Overall length 145 mm, Wheelbase 97 mm, Weight gm
Rear: Axle width 59 mm, Tyre diameter 21 mm, Width 11 mm
Front: Axle width 56 mm, Tyre diameter 21 mm, Width 11 mm
Magnet: Rectangular 2.5 mm, Gear ratio 9:27
Motor: In-Line Rear Mounted Rear 2 wheel drive Mabuchi FF, 18k rpm

All photos of real car copyright 2006 Honda Racing F1, no reuse without their permission.

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