Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Congrats...have a great time in Italy!

George "SouthernSloter" Bagley (below) with his son Jake and Kurt "ElSecundo" Moser (above) have made it to the finals in Verona of the Ninco World Championships! BTW, that's the infamous Ninco Bob shaking hands with the guys there.... nice to see ya Bob!

Photos taken by Mick Brown....to read more about the race action go to this thread.

BTW, I was looking through the other photos there and looky what I found...a pretty suspicious looking character with a beer in his hand. "Mr. Dogsbody" Alan Smith himself....an other infamous character! LOL


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Wet Coast Racer said...

Congrats to El Secundo & Southern Sloter!

Try to behave yourselves when you're over there ... ah who am I kidding?