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Global Proxy Race Revised Schedule

The schedule for the 2007 Global Proxy race has been finalized. This race now features 11 stops on 5 continents.

USA - East New York Raceway
December 2006
construction: routed MDF/copper tape
power: 13.6V/30A
lane length: 18.6m
longest straight: 4.9m
hot lap time: sub 5s
track host notes: The track will eventually resemble the Taconic, Bronx River, and Merritt parkways, as they were in the 1950's and '60's. Lots of trees, and shaky, decrepit guardrails. This is a road racing track, not a current-era F1 plant. Three lanes, cliffs, trees, and a concrete surface.

USA - Terry's Targa
January 2007
construction: routed MDF/copper tape
power: 10V/22A
lane length: 27.9m
hot lap time: sub 12s
track host notes: P3 tires work well here. Lower geared cars are easier to consistently drive fast than cars with tall gearing. Good brakes are needed here.

Italy - Gruppo Modellistico Triestino
February 2007
contstruction: NINCO
power: 12V/30A
lane length: 40m
track host notes: This club has been active in Trieste since 1964. Check out a video of some slot racing on this track here.

Slovenia - Koper Slot Club
March 2007
construction: Polistil
power: 12V/30A
lane length: 35m
track host notes: This club was founded by Matevz Malej 4 years ago. Check out some video action on this track here.

The UK - Midford Combe Circuit
April 2007
construction: routed MDF/copper tape
power: 13.8V/0.8A per lane
lane length: 10.4m
hot lap: 4.1s
track host notes: Track surface is hand painted with Sandtex Smotth exterior wood primer, which has a satin finish. Ortmann tires give the best results here. SCX and Scalextric tires give fair grip. NINCO tires grip poorly. S1 silicone tires have been tried and give good results as do both types of NSR tires. Fly Classic tires grip well except for those fitted to the newer Fly cars like the Porsche 911 and BMW M1. Most motors work well here, especially the range of motors. Performing nearly as well are the NINCO NC5 and stock Scalextric and Fly motors. The new SCX motors work well as top end performance is not key to a fast lap here.

Bahrain - TBA
May 2007
construction: Scalextric Sport
power: 13.8V/0.8A per lane
track host notes: The proposed circuit is a 4 lane 10m x 8m Scalextric Sport replica of the Bahrain International Circuit and is to be based in the Sakhir tower.

South Africa
June 2007
construction: wood with magnabraid
power: 14.8V/1A per lane
lane length: 44m
track host notes: The track is a custom made wooden track with a polished surface. Without any track additives silicone tires work best. It has a deep groove that will host the wooden track guides. Very fast track that requires a car to be well set up, weighted and balanced to excel here.

Australia - San Phoeno Raceway
July 2007
construction: routed MDF/copper tape
power: 12v/lots! (car battery with charger)
lane length: 22m
hot lap time: sub 7s
track host notes: Track design base on segments of real race tracks, blended into an 'Aussi styled' scenery of gum trees and space.

Australia - Shelmore Park Raceway
August 2007
construction - routed MDF/copper braid
power: 13.8V/lots!
lane length: 20m
track host notes: Hobart Miniature Car Club was formed 40 years ago and we raced 1/24 cars on Commercial tracks and later our own club track. Four of the original members are still racing. The Club evolved over the years and had several breaks as a club while we raced in Commercial centres. About 8 years ago Dave Bantoft and I built a 1/32 scale track to race on with the new detailed Fly style cars. We soon found that 1/32 was attracting plenty of attention and a few new members. Then the commercial centre closed and we transferred the track to my home where we still race on it. This year as well as running the Tassie Targa Event we are also running 2 rounds of the AUSLOT PROXY race.

Brazil - Warehouse International Raceway
September 2007
construction: routed MDF/copper tape
power: 12V
lane length: 39.5m
track host notes: The Warehouse Crew became active in February 2006, when we began to build the track. Originally we were 9 members, now we are 14. Although only two o us had any previous experience with slot racing, all share the love for 1:1 racing. The track surface is flat grey acrylic paint.

Canada - Van's LeMans
October 2007
construction: Scalextric Sport
power: 13.8v/0.8A per lane
lane length: 31.1m
track host notes: The Ultimate rug racing circuit for the ultimate proxy race. This temporary circuit will host the final round of the GPR. Power will be evenly distributed by jumpers located at several points throughout the circuit. Cars should hit their absoulute top speed on the 10m straight. This track is 1 scale km long! The location of this race may change to a local raceway pending ongoing discussions over the coming year.

If you'd like to see more images of the host tracks, check out a slideshow here.

Van LaPointe - GPR Race Director

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