Monday, October 02, 2006

Ninco News

REF. 50428 MOSLER MT 900 R “GULF”
PRICE: $52.98
It seems like everyone has been waiting for this car... and for good reason. This classic livery is one of the most historic in the racing competition world. With its NC-5 angle winder chassis, a perfect racing platform for the most competitive slot racer. It hot!! Already a clear winner in its category.

REF. 50427 NISSAN 350 Z “G’ZOX”
PRICE: $52.98
Spectacular decoration of the most recent version of the trio participating in the Japanese GT Championship (JGTC). Like its starting grid companions, it is equipped with the venerable NC-5 angle winder motor and chassis, an original NINCO design that has become a standard in this competition category. A gorgeous “Z”!

PRICE: $55.98
Brand new for 2006, here’s the current season’s 4WD Subaru WRC. Brand new bodywork and chassis, equipped with ProShock-2 hard (yellow) suspension and 15” rims.

PRICE: $55.98
Latest addition to the NINCO Tuning Style family, this Subaru Impreza comes with brand new design, white and gold bodywork, tinted windows & chrome wheels. Exclusive feature – Front and rear high intensity LEDS Lights are standard.

80852 Chassis Subaru WRC 2006
Price: $8.00

Some photos of N-Digital chips inside cars....interesting stuff.

Thanks to Ninco Bob for passing along the news!


Jose said...

I am a Mustang enthusiast. I own a 1993 Mustang GT Covertible that it's a lot of fun to drive. Maybe as much fun as it would be to drive the real cars you have pictured in your awesome blog.

DaveKennedy said...

Thanks Jose! Slot cars are lots of fun and a great way to forget about "real life" for a while...