Thursday, October 05, 2006

Slot It axles...magnetic?

Am I the last one to the party on this one....Slot It axles are magnetic? Huh?



brownbrothers said...

I can´t believe it. It is amazing, now with this axles we can get one second every lap. Where can I buy it?
We have to take care because it is a good way to cheat.

See you.

Anonymous said...

Say what?!

Robert Livingston said...

Uh, trash is trash, no matter the colour. Goodbye!

Now, about those magnetic axles: most alloy steel will magnetize weakly, when placed in a strong magnetic field.

Anonymous said...

Most OEM axles are slightly magnetic, and so are most steel aftermarket axles like drill blanks that aren't non-magnetic by design (such as 18-8 stainless steel). If a magnet clings to the axle, well, it becomes a magnet (a weak one, but still a magnet).