Friday, August 11, 2006

3 Lane Raceway Kit, it's wood! has been gracious enough to allow SCN to show our readers a cool wood track that they sell. The track is made by Plazidus Slotracing and on the link below you can see all the tracks they sell, plenty of premade wood tracks ready to race. But, alas, if you live outside Germany you can't order this one...

"This kit is currently available only within Germany, due to possibly high transport costs. Nevertheless dealer inquiries would be welcome. Our computer aided track factory is able to deliver high outputs of best quality wood tracks."

It sure looks like a wonderfully smooth track to drive on. The curves look nice and there's even something that sure looks like magna braid for the magnet racing fans.

Thanks to for permission (gotten via our new Skype connection BTW) to reuse the images!
Danke, vielen dank.
Publisher, Slot Car News

BTW, they're having a sale on some stuff that's not too easy to find in the US/Canada...check it out!

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Wet Coast Racer said...

Ferry interestink. Wonder what that wood track is selling for, it looks well made.

I see amongst their specials a few cars that would be suitable for GPR entrants in the 35 - 40 Euro range, but not sure how good a deal that is these days against the Cdn or US dollar, particularly once you add shipping. Still, maybe I don't get out enough but brand new Fly 917s seem to be kinda rare these days in stores.