Sunday, August 06, 2006

New features on SCN

Well I've been working on some new things here at SCN.
1. I've added a translation program from Babel Fish. There are lots of international viewers so I hope this helps everyone read what's posted here.
2. A "picsearch" box has been added under the Google box as well. It's a good search engine devoted to images only, very cool.
3. Also a "Top 100 bloggers" pole button...feel free to vote if you're so moved. Currently this site is 12th among the "blogspot" domain.
4. A comments/suggestions box on the right side as well. Feel free to make any off topic suggestions there.
5. I've added a list of Slot.It catalog PDF downloads.
6. A headlines box...that should be showing "Nascar" headlines, they jury is still out on whether this feature will stay since it appears to be showing whatever the heck it feels like presently!
7. The webpole will be taken until the end of this year. Late in December the company of the year will be announced and the total number of votes revealed. So let's all get out the vote shall we? This is a free version of the webpole software so go easy on the number of times you click to view results.

And most importantly...
8. I've just spend the last few hours (yeah I'm no HTML wiz like Mike on SCI) working on a footer box with an archive of reviews. Please check this out near the bottom of the page.

Please check out the new additions. I like using the whole webpage so don't feel like the top story is the only thing that changes. I'm always looking tweak the design here.

Also I add links to the page nearly everyday. Today I added some F1 teams to the links. Recently I added links to slot bloggers. If you've got a link you'd like to see added let me know.

Publisher, Slot Car News


Wet Coast Racer said...

Well Dave, you know you can always count on me for Off Topic suggestions ... muahahaha and like that.

You have been busy, it seems, lotsa links and stuff going on. The pdfs (for those who aren't familiar) are great as you can just download them into your computer; it takes a while depending on your OS and connection speed, but from there you have a high resolution detailed catalogue that's as close to current as you can hope for showing their various product options. I have their Parts brochure and HRS info saved to my Desktop already.

I see quite a few familiar faces in the listings here who haven't used the SCI Blogger Link yet to get more exposure, which is a surprise. Though I suspect that Terry Noe is still doing strange things with his photoshop rendition of Barbie's bust and as for Dennis David ... well ...

DaveKennedy said...

Thanks Paul, yes there's plenty of room for digression here too especially since I added the suggestion box. Yeah I've been surprised too that there aren't more people who've added their links to the SCI blogger page...

PeteN95 said...

More great work, Dave, you are becoming a slot Power! Keep it up.

DaveKennedy said...

Thanks Pete, I'm just trying to make this site relevant to the world of slot cars. It's tough since I don't have the backing of a large store or distributor to feed the "review machine" so to speak.

BTW, congrats on the win in the RAAce 10.