Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Diecasts again

Signature brand diecasts, in perfect 1/32, bought at Wal Mart for under 5 dollars. These are fine models; working steering, opening doors, motors and underbody detail. All they need is a little road dirt, and toned-down chrome. '41 Plymouth cruises around East New York Raceway, in company with Chrysler Airflow:

This is a First Gear tow truck, in 1/30 scale, which is the same scale (and same price) as the Fly Lola T70 MkIIIB it tows. '37 Chevrolet, with accurate Holmes rig:

Another First Gear model, an International Harvester in 1/34 scale. No, it did not arrive with the NASCAR decal on the side; that is from a vintage 1961 AMT customizing kit. Parma Womp chassis on the slot car, with BWA wheels, and a scrounged junker '36 Ford body, closer to 1/34 than 1/32:

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