Tuesday, August 29, 2006

SuperGT Series: Ford GT races!

SuperGT Series news:
"For the GT300 class, the No.2 Privée Zurich・Apple Shiden and the No.55 DHG ADVAN FORD GT are both brand new. The No.2 made its debut in the opening round and made it to 6th place. The No.55 finished a race for the first time in Round 3, crossing the line in 10th place. The machines for the No.101 TOY STORY Racing MR-S and the No.777 Ryozanpaku apr MR-S have changed their engines from the four-cylinder turbo units to normally-aspirated V6 powerplants."

So if you look closely on the right you'll see a Ford GT in race trim!!!!! So does this make the Ford GT RAA legal????? And I wonder if Ninco and/or Scalextric plan to make the Ford GT as a racer. After all they're both cranking out the JGTC cars as fast as they can.

Photos from the 2006 AUTOBACS SUPER GT Round4 Sepang Circuit
The Scalextric car...
Images used with permission of the SuperGT Series...who've given permission to reuse their images and news to SCNews!



SJSlots said...

One of the guys in my club made a GT-Racer after seeing an animated version in the Sony Playstation game Gran Turismo 4. Car looked really good with a spoiler taken from another car, numbers and decals and I think he also used Slot It wheels with black BBS inserts if I remember correctly.

SJSlots said...
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