Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rock, paper...scissors?

Ok, no rocks...but paper and scissors will be needed for this post.

While skimming through Slot Forum the other day I found a cool thread about paper cars as scenery. Yes, paper. I must admit to never even having considered looking for plans for paper cars on the internet but it's sure a cool way to make your own scenery. So you can't find a nice red Alfa for your scenery? How about this one?

I left the jpeg large in case anyone wants to swipe it from the site to cut up and use.

This is sure a great and cheap way to make your own scenery...but be warned some of these are not beginner projects... witness this work of art by Milos Harant!
A 1/18 scale Aston Martin DBR-9.

A stunning model. If you want to contact Milos about this here's his email:

Yeah, I know technically not slot cars but I'm sure someone with enough patience you could make one in 1/32 scale and you could get the plans from Milos...not me I'm not remotely that good a model builder.

Aston's not your speed? How about a Trabant?

Or Nascar's
Or how about an entire message board of paper models?
Or a whole page of paper projects on this Japanese site...some could be converted into slot car type scenery, not the cats though!

I've used a number of designs from the site on a bunch of different projects. I was a bit skeptical at first about the models only being made of paper but it's a great medium to work long as you have a fairly dry environment, paper models don't like humidity!


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At 3:21 AM, Anonymous bluetoes591 said...

A paper Trabant, my life is now complete! Or not, but I think I may try building a few of these just for fun. Now to find somebody with a reasonably good printer...

At 3:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! theres a great Japanese site for 80s and 90s F1 cars when designs followed the folded paper style - awsome 6 wheel Tyrell and Brabham Fan car too!
Martin EDSCC


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