Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Global Proxy Racing anyone?

So what is this proxy racing thing anyway... well let me tell you. Let's start with the basics. Do you think you can build a fast slot car? Build one according to the rules and send it away to race. Your car will be raced by slotters around the world after is passes tech inspection. What do you have to gain by sending a perfectly good slot car away to someone you don't know? Well you get to see if your skills as a builder are up to the challenge. In proxy racing it's not about whether you can drive your car fast, it's about whether someone ELSE can drive your car fast.

Several points to consider when building a proxy racer.
1. Is the construction "bullet proof". Meaning do you see any obvious flaws in your construction? If you see something that needs work, then that's probably the first thing that will break.

2. Is your car driveable? Meaning can you drive your car at the limit and does it remain easy to drive? Being the fastest car doesn't guarantee that you'll win anything, being driveable and being driveable quickly to other drivers is very important. Does it take you many laps to get the car to its fastest lap times? Or can you get it up to speed within 5 or so laps?

Of course there are more factors to consider...but I wouldn't want to give away all the speed secrets I have, yet!

By entering a proxy race is also to see if the modifications you do to car actually stack up to other slotters mods. You'll see if the tires you like work on another track besides yours. You'll see if you fastest car is really as fast as you think it is.

Also you'll get to know slotters that you might not yet know. It's all about bringing the slot community closer together and learning from each other and having fun while you do it.

So what do you you have what it takes to be a part of the coolest proxy race of the coming year?

Global Proxy Race rules
Global Proxy Race discussion

Questions? Email me

BTW, did I mention the prizes? No I didn't but in a few months all will be revealed. Many of the world's top companies will be supporting the race... so you better get going on that entry, eh?

Dave Kennedy
Publisher, Slot Car News & Sporting Director-Global Proxy Race


Wet Coast Racer said...

Dave, a good brief description there of why Proxy Racing is so enjoyable, and has been around almost as long as slot cars. It's a ton of fun, and brings a whole new meaning to the idea of competition, hard to explain unless you have jumped in and tried it - the pleasure of making it onto a podium, against some of the best car builders out there, is impossible to describe and the astonishing amount you learn both from submitting a car to race in a Proxy series, or from hosting a round and racing everybody else's cars on your own track, is tremendous.

I particularly admire the way the Global Proxy Race has been thought through in terms of venues and era of cars, in a way that complements the now famous Race Across America without competing against it; the tracks are all different, as are the cars and the rules. The overall concept - he/she who completes the greatest number of laps is the one who wins - is what Enduro Proxy racing ought to be about, and should make things exciting right down to the last race.

By the way, shouldn't you guys have nine flags up there by now? (Looks around despairingly for his banana ... )

DaveKennedy said...

Paul, we made a concious effort to NOT overlap years with the RAA and NOT overlap tracks. We want the racing experience to be different than the RAA and not just another know what I mean.

The logos you see are the initial "media day" release logos, they will be updated when all the sponsors have been solidified as well as the track dates.