Friday, August 04, 2006

Ferrari's anyone?

There are some wonderful new cars from Racer on the way.

New cars
RCR26 - 330P - No. 19 - Le Mans 24hrs 1964 - J.Surtees / L. Bandini
RCR27 - 275P - No. 144 - Nurburgring 1000kms. 1964 winner -
L.Scarfiotti /
N. Vaccarella

Racer is know for their fantastic details and graceful lines. These cars offer plenty of those Ferrari curves.

New liverie
RCR28 - 250LM - No. 8 - N.A.R.T. - Reims 12hrs. 1964 - J.Surtees /

All of the cars still equipped with 25000rpm.
Chassis for RCR26 and 27 is the same as for 250LM. Plastic by RACER

Thanks for Racer for providing the images and news.

Publisher, Slot Car News


SJSlots said...

Simply stunning but then again so is their price. I wonder who in the US will carry the 250LM. Prof Motor carries racers but last time I looked no 250's were in his listings. Haven't Racer models of the 250 been around a little while now?

DaveKennedy said...

Isn't Gene going to get some?

SJSlots said...

Not certain. He mentioned it, a while back, but haven't heard since.

cars sell said...

Do they still have any of these cars in a car auctions or something? I have seen a million auction in discovery channel and people are really spending a lot with those old hot rods and race cars.