Friday, August 25, 2006

Tooth brush slot car? An inventive project!

Joe from Albany has graciously allowed SCNews to repost his really cool and VERY original project. Originally posted on Home Racing World's message board.

Great inexpensive project ($8-$9 as shown) – for home tracks, kids, charity events, boy/girl scouts, etc.

Take a $1 store toothbrush and toy car (to hack out the motor).

Add some Greenwood Vette axles and an Artin front guide

Test Report:
Joe's home track: Artin 4 lane figure eight – 28 foot lanes – 2 standard Artin wall warts.
Lanes 1 and 2 – Revell body on Artin fat boy chassis/motor with Greenwood Vette front and rears.
Lane 3 – Gutted and hacked 1/32 scale NASCAR RC car with toothbrush motor – Artin fat boy front and rears - no weight – no magnet (picked up online last year from wally world for $9 a pop – bought 5 different cars)
Lane 4 – the “brush” – Greenwood Vette front and rears - little weight over front guide – no magnet

20 laps on lane 3 – best lap – the results
Pictured in Lane 1 – 3.684 sec
Pictured in Lane 2 – 3.715 sec
Pictured in Lane 3 – 3.842 sec
Pictured in Lane 4 – 3.849 sec

Pictured in Lane 3 – the “brush” with magnet in the rear – 3.265 sec
Pictured in Lane 4 – box stock Carrera – 2.984 sec
Joe-"With a little sanding here, little weight there – I think I can get the “brush” down a couple of tenths."

A super project...I love the creativity and it's sure just about the most original slot car project I've ever seen. Thanks again to Joe!

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