Saturday, August 19, 2006

A1 Grand Prix news here on SCN!

The A1 Grand Prix have allowed SCN to use their content, so beginning with their first race in Circuit Park Zandvoort, The Netherlands Friday Sept. 29, 2006, we here at SCN will have news, photos, and results, so get out those Scalextric A1GP cars and get ready to race!

Here's a look at the circuit.

"Home of the Dutch Grand Prix between 1952 and 1985, following non-championship events from 1948 to 1951, Circuit Park Zandvoort nestles in the sand dunes at the northern end of the Dutch coastal resort of the same name.

The circuit was designed by John Hugenholtz whose skills were later employed in the shaping of the Jarama circuit in Spain and then Suzuka in Japan.

Built on communications roads built by the German army during their occupation in the Second World War, the circuit gained instant popularity because of its fast, sweeping corners such as Scheivlak as well as the Tarzanbocht hairpin at the end of the start/finish straight and the constantly changing cambers and angles of the Hugenholtzbocht behind the paddock. Sand blowing from the dunes can be a problem, but the challenge of the circuit seems to cancel that out in the minds of visitors, especially as the seaside resort offers further entertainment."

The Scalextric cars:
"The Scalextric model
Scalextric acquired the EXCLUSIVE worldwide rights to produce this car in support of the A1GP world series.
The car will be available in ten liveries in 2006 to include Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Italy, Australia, Holland and New Zealand. This gives a new angle to racing whereby the racer can represent their favourite country instead of team. More country liveries are intended for release in 2007."
The Netherlands team car.

All images/news used with permission from A1GP and Scalextric.

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Wet Coast Racer said...

Good article there, I can see that race series growing rapidly. Seems like a lot of years since the days of Lauda and Prost fighting over the Tarzan corner!

DaveKennedy said...

Thanks Paul, we're working hard here in the SCN newsroom to give readers more information, more often!