Monday, August 28, 2006

CHiP's gonna get 'cha! Fun & Games....

You cannot race these cars at Le Mans, or on the high banks of Daytona,
but Carrera’s new California Highway Patrol Mustang, and Nissan 350Z
Fast ‘n’ Furious Tuner are perfect opponents in a high speed police
The Tuner has ignored the CHP’s command to pull over, for
reasons known only to its driver, a thuggish looking guy with a dingy,
sleeveless T-shirt. The Tuner must escape at high speed, the Freeway
represented by what ever slot car track you have. If the Tuner
completes ten laps, the police Mustang breaks off the chase and the
Tuner wins. If the cops stop the Tuner, using ANY method, the forces
of law and order win. The police car can use any method to stop the
pursuit, including a nerf, a bash, or a de-slot which runs the Tuner
off the road. A wreck is acceptable. Remember, the CHP is serious
about its responsibility to end the dangerous chase as quickly as
possible, sacrificing itself, if necessary, to protect the public! And
the thug in the Tuner may just hit the police car, its occupants
completely anonymous behind dark glass. The Carrera CHP Mustang, and the Nissan Tuner are not “real” race cars. But both have Carrera solidity, and husky E200 motors, so these cars can really move out.

The red and blue lights on the Mustang flash in
alternation, lending a burst of 1/32 adrenalin to the activity. The
tires may not be entirely safe at speeds over 150 MPH, so be careful!

Robert Livingston,
Technical Editor, Slot Car News

The CHP Mustang has no interior as you can see. That allows the electronics for the lights to get to the roof and not have the Mustang's pan interior block the way. Also it makes the CHP car 4 grams lighter than the race trimmed Mustang!

Sadly the photo I took doesn't do the effect of the lights justice. When you're actually driving the car around the lights really look great.

Dave Kennedy
Publisher, Slot Car News

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