Monday, August 14, 2006

Carrera's Hot Roddin'!

This afternoon during a discussion with Carrera I learned several things. First the good news... the home office in Germany is stoked, geeked, head-over-heels excited about how the prototypes look. More good news...the 1/24 cars are on schedule to be released in October. it is, the 1/32 cars will be delayed until the beginning of next year. Carrera want to make sure the mechanicals are right for the hoodless versions of the cars. There's a pretty small space, if you take away the hood, to get the "guts" of the average car rolling with all the gears, wiring, and switches that Carrera put in their cars.

And since I'm always looking on the bright side of things (no laughing from the Wet Coast BTW) I prefer Carrera get these cars right! They've really picked up their performance recently and I'd like to see things be taken let's all just be glad we're still getting nicely done hot rods...AND AT THE REASONABLE PRICE CARRERA IS SELLING THINGS FOR, eh?

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