Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New NSR & Ninco Gulf Moslers

NSR1004 Mosler MT900R Team "Fortune" 300 Km Suzuka 2005 SIDEW

Images used with permission of NSR Slot

...for the Ninco car we go to Alan Smith's photos taken during the iHobby show in Chicago recently for Slot Car Illustrated.

Details about the real Mosler:
Extreme speed, excellent handling, and proven performance on the track make the MT900R the car to beat in FIA GT Class G2, British GT, Spanish GT, Euro GT, Belcar and Britcar class racing. Weighing in at only 2100 lbs., the MT900R is powered by a Corvette LS 6 V8 and can achieve speeds of over 200 mph.

The MT900R is delivered to your team race ready. Allow 120 days from order to delivery.

Cup Specification Car: Full Cage, Basic Instruments, Standard Race Suspension and Uprights, 4 pot front, 4 Pot rear Brembo brakes, Porsche H gearbox, BBS wheels, FIA seat, harnesses and extinguisher, Supplied with 5.7 litre 'stock plus' (440bhp) engine with base dry sump system: $189,000* USD

Base FIA Specification car: Full Cage, Motec ECU dash and logging, Centerlock wheels, Uprated Suspension and Uprights, 6 pot front, 4 Pot rear Brembo24 hour brakes, Hewland NLT Sequential gearbox, BBS wheels, FIA seat, harnesses and extinguisher, plumbed in dry sump system, Power Steering, $210,000*USD Supplied without engine:

5.7 litre FIA specification Engine Fully dressed with restrictors $56,000 USD

7.0 litre FIA specification Engine Fully dressed with restrictors $65,000 USD

Available options include air jacks, advanced electronics, centerlock wheels and adaptors, stainless steel headers, monoblock brake calipers, carbon fiber bodywork, and more. Prices available on request.

Length: 4801mm
Width: 1998mm
Height: 1130mm

So for comparison SCNews has been allowed to use images from Mosler's German site!

Thanks to all the different folks that allowed SCNews to use their images! Vielen Danke Mosler!

Publisher, Slot Car News


bluetoes591 said...

How much of the colour difference do you figure is lighting, and how much do you figure is paint?

DaveKennedy said...

Well the color balance on Alan's photos is a bit too yellow. I'm thinking it was tungsten light and the camera was on a auto-white setting. Should be interesting to see what's the actual difference.