Friday, March 28, 2008

Bushing Alignment

Steve Sawtelle of Slot Car Corner has put together a video which demonstrates how to install and align aftermarket bushings into a plastic 1/32 RTR chassis. Proper bushing alignment is an example of a "little thing" which when combined with other "little things" can make a big difference in how well your car performs. The bushing alignment procedure shown in this article can be performed by virtually all 1/32 slot car racers - no special skills are required. The whole process takes just a few minutes to perform and there is minimal one-time investment required to purchase a burr bit and pin gage like those shown in the article.

The chassis used for this demonstration is a Scalextric Monte Carlo (Nascar); however, this same technique can be applied to a wide variety of 1/32 slot cars which come stock with Scalextric-style nylon or brass bushings.

For those of you who prefer the convenience of a pre-packaged kit, you can purchase bushing alignment kits in the Slot Car Corner Online Store.

Note: The video is broken down into 3 segments because of length restrictions imposed by YouTube.

Bushing Alignment - Part 1

Bushing Alignment - Part 2

Bushing Alignment - Part 3


Dave said...

this inspired me to order an alignment set from Steve. Plus some other items. Steve is a great guy to deal with (plug). Now if could only keep the car on the track!



Christian Gingras said...

These videos are a perfect example of Steve's high quality work and desire to share his experience and knowledge. I'm happy I got to know him in the last few years, we're always learning something in his company. And he's a great guy on top of all that!

Last year, I have purchased the bushing alignment kit from him, along with some racing bushings. And it's making a difference on the cars.

Thanks Steve!