Sunday, March 23, 2008

Finally...Nationwide Series slot car commercial


Dave said...

very cool, since I don't watch ESPN that much, I've heard about it but never seen it. Odd that they don't mention anything about slots.

Marcus said...

Where DID they get all those great figures? @Dave - why would they mention slots?

Dave said...

I don't know just thought since it involved slot cars they'd mention slots or a slot company. But yeah I guess you're right, sorry. Hey it that you Marcus, this is Dave Marcus from Robert's :)

DaveKennedy said...

Why would they mention slots in a commercial about racing?

Most of the cars that were used with Scalex and SCX cars. The figures were rented from Bob Pomann, who I've done a story about before.

Thanks for stopping by guys.

SpeedRacer said...

I love it!
What I cant tell from all the articles and now this footage is if the track was a full loop, or if they just did the long arc of the front straight.
Excellent job.