Monday, March 17, 2008

Vegetarians beware...Slotburgers are on the menu!

Why indeed is Kurt "The Machine" Moser smiling? Well it's simple, he's enjoying a "Slotburger". What's a Slotburger you ask? Well, there's a guy, Harry Wise is his name and he runs Home Racing World. Harry's a great guy who has slotters over to his home in Missouri and he cooks for them. What makes Harry interesting is that he not only likes to talk about slots on his site but Harry also understand, rightly so IMHO, that slot racing is as much about having fun as it is competing.

And now more Slotburgers for your artery clogging enjoyment... and don't forget the hot sauce, eh Harry?


HenkG said...

We Dutch have no real hamburger culture of our own, so we are very keen to learn the recipe for these 'slotburgers'.
In the Netherlands socalled tosties (slice of bread, slice of ham, slice of cheese, slice of bread "toasted" together) are very popular in slotracing clubs.

DaveKennedy said...

Hello HenkG, I got this recipe from Harry after you asked for it:

Ahh the recipe....

4 pounds hamburger...

1 packet french onion soup mix

1 packet Ranch powdered dressing.

If you don't have that, just salt and pepper away until you like it.

Now...form pattys.

Place on plate and into the fridge to set up.

Then on to the grill.

The key is the refrigerating part. This stiffens up the meat and allows one side to cook and hold the burger together.