Saturday, March 29, 2008

SCX Nascar Road Enduro...Hello Louisville!

Louisville's Bullitt Speedway is hosting a race. Info from the thread posted on Home Racing World:

"SCX NASCAR Road Course Enduro and Tri-Oval Race at their tracks on this Saturday, March 29 - track opens at 8 AM, qualifying at 11 AM, and plans to wrap up in early evening (6 PM-ish). A $15 entry fee applies for each of the two races. No cars are necessary to bring - the races will be run IROC style, with the cars supplied by Bullitt Speedway, staying on each lane while drivers rotate, so it will be a test of driving style, and no laborious car setup before race day. An SCX representative will be present to provide support and observe the success of such events (so show up and support it!), with prizes given out, plaques, and lots of stuff. The 155 foot, 8 lane Blue King wood road course will be run using 2-man teams (fast and slowest qualifiers teamed together), with the 110 ft. wood High-Banked 8-Lane Tri-Oval run solo.

If you have any questions, you can call the Speedway at (502) 955-5509. "

SCX's own Bryan Young will be there doing demo's and showing photos of the latest Nascars too.



Mick said...

I have run Bullit's king with 1/24 wing cars... I can't imagine what it would be like to race on with a 1/32 plastic chassis car.

Good luck to the racers!

Anonymous said...

bullitt speedway is the best but it is the closet race track tome only a 5 min walk and i love the races in the winter and i like racing against other racers