Friday, March 14, 2008

SCX Nat's - First race coverage, the track's ready

Edison, New Jersey - The track for the first race in the SCX National was assembled late this afternoon. Richard Shanfeld has quite an interesting track set up. It's portable (obviously), it's large foam core sheets with a sturdy wood frame under it. And with over 100 feet of slot car goodness in the midst of a hobby show at the New Jersey Expo Center in Edison New Jersey, this will be a good test of cars and drivers. I've never run a Pro Audi, or Nascar for that matter, on a track this long but it should be a chance to really stretch out those SCX RX motors for all they're worth!Here you see Dave and Joe assembling the frame. It took us a while to get everything in place, party because there was still another event going on in another part of the Expo Center. It was some kind of student awards ceremony with cheering kids and near total darkness in the rest of the center's cavernous floor.
It was sort of funny to see the model railroad gentlemen surrounding us give us sideways looks as we assembled the track and tables. You could tell they didn't particularly want to see a slot track being set up. Even after about 2 hours, which is about how long it took us to set up the track, they were still carefully lining up track connections and placing the scenery around the mammoth layouts there were putting up.

The Carrera track fits perfectly on the table top. It's quite an amazing thing to see it being put up and how perfectly it all fits.
The wiring looms are already run and you just plug it all together and you're ready to run...
So it's all ready to go. I'll have an update after the races tomorrow evening.

Just by way of reminder, registration starts at 10am with racing at about noon.

The race is in Edison...check this link to see a map.


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